After last week’s victory by Tommy “Two gloves” Gainey around the PGA TOUR, so many people are wondering if putting on two gloves is definitely an advantage when swinging a golf club iron. Before Tommy won, I really were built with a question posted in regards to this very subject. I figured today will be a good day to obtain the discussion going. This is what Robert Vanucci requested:

Lately in your daily tips, you discuss equal, firm grip pressure with hands. My question: I’m a right hander how come I put on a glove on my small left hands only and never both?

This can be a great question and something which i don’t believe I have ever endured before. The very best reason I’m able to consider happens because typically the very best hands around the club may be the hands that will the most work. The forward arm is the power arm so getting the very best grip possible with this hands meant utilizing a glove.

That’s not saying that effective golfers where gloves. Former Clemson Tiger and U.S. Open Champion, Lucas Glover, is renowned for putting on no glove whatsoever. Also, as Robert pointed out above, the idea of using two gloves is quickly gaining popularity too. Possibly the favourite golfer to don two gloves just won The McGladrey Classic a week ago. Tommy Gainey has stated the reason he wears two gloves happens because he’s a former baseball player so that as he transitioned into golf, putting on two gloves only agreed to be an all natural sense of him.

For grip sizes, although they are able to vary with manufacturer, they have a tendency to fall under among the following 5 sizes.

Standard = .580 to .600 inches across.

Junior = Sizes, smaller sized and shorter than standard.

Undersize = 1/64 inch smaller sized than standard.

Midsize = 1/16 inch bigger than standard. Best midsize golf grips.

Oversize/Jumbo = 1/8 inch bigger than standard.

Whoever you hire, the most crucial factor here’s grip pressure. Whether or not you put on one glove, two gloves, or no gloves whatsoever, you have to maintain equal grip pressure both in hands. If you think you use this by putting on two gloves than go ahead and, proceed! I’ve not a problem with anything you feel quite confident with and just what enables you to achieve the best charge of the club.

Ensure that it stays vertical!