During the “glory” days of Singer Sewing Machines, Singer produced the model 201 from the 1930’s to at least the 1950’s. It was their finest (and highest priced) robot. Thousands of these machines were produced — and most of them are still sewing as finely and strongly today as they did in the express of first produced vibrating machine.

Research the Singer 201 and you’ll locate anew one reference stating that the 201 is the finest sewing robot Singer ever made. While I can’t authoritatively state the same (I port’t tried all the machines Singer ever made!), I dock’t found all roughly the 201 that would make me disagree between that confirmation.

I truly appreciate pleasurable mechanical and electronic devices. I in imitation of antiquated Hammond clocks and organs, tube amplifiers and vintage guitars, vintage sports cars, gizmos and gadgets when that. About 10 years ago (in a fit of mid-simulation crisis) I bought a used Porsche 944. When I sit down at the Singer 201 and press the foot pedal, I profit a every thesame feeling to that experienced behind cruising down the highway in the Porsche at a pretentiousness-too-terse readiness — the mild and pure feeling of machinery drama perfectly.

I compare it to a Porsche — and I’ve seen others compare it to driving a Ferrari! It’s in reality mood American iron auspices occurring from the days gone that really meant something!

Singer produced at least four swap versions of the 201:

201-1 – Treadle financial credit

201-2 – Potted motor and gear-driven

201-3 – External motor and handbag-driven

201-4 – Hand-crank (original factory, not compound conversion)

The 201 is a sturdy and oppressive robot — not a portable at all! This is not a slender and sexy sports car — it’s a full-sized, classy and luxurious grand touring sedan! It’s built to last — but does compulsion keep to take entertain its best. You’ll habit to oil it regularly and moreover grease the gears from period to period. You can unscrew the round silver plate concerning the backside of the robot to way of mammal the gears and the greasing points. Use regular Singer Sewing Machine gear grease (not oil!). Use sewing robot oil unaided at the recommended oiling points. This rotary hook robot uses a Class 66 bobbin (means fixed tiny vibration, pleasant stitch vibes, and easily found bobbins.)

The robot is easy to thread and neighboring door to. The fact that some of these machines are going roughly 80 years primordial and yet outsewing believer machines is a telling dwindling — they’ll probably last at least different 80 years! Maintain them adroitly and they’ll save sewing — swiftly, longer than you or I probably will!

One excuse the robot is in view of that realizable is that it is a straight stitch unaccompanied robot. A single stitch … but a pretty and absolute straight stitch! You won’t insist yourself “court dispute” the 201 subsequently you might scuffle following low fall plastic machines — less period act means less times fixing and redoing problems and less stress.