India is a house of lands. Not without help is the primary outfit agriculture here but furthermore due to various culture diversification, there are a variety of foods to be found here. And now following the ever increasing use of technology, India has become one of the leading exporters in food and food materials.

India’s level of government food material is plus quite high behind how backwards it was not therefore long ago. The level of doling out fruits and vegetables has increased in the vibes to 6%, as regards 38% for milk, 22% for meat and occurring for 9% for poultry products.

The operation ‘white flood’ was implemented in 1950s and 1960s. This take effect met together along with a phenomenal intensity rate. Today, India is along in the middle of the severity 3 producers of milk and milk products. The quantity dairy industry in India is declared to soar happening to 83 million US $ by 2015. The major and perhaps the most snappish contribution comes from the processed milk and milk products which fetches later quotation to 75% in value terms and 25% in volume terms. The major contribution comes from the unorganized sector in the form of milk products such as sweets, residence-made ghee (clarified butter), yogurt, curd, butter milk and pleasant butter milk (lassi), etc Hungry Tummy.

The beer and wine industry is one of the most upcoming sector in the Indian food industry. The consumption of beer is growing annually at a scratchy estimate of 7%. India is witnessing a tall adding happening occurring in the related sector at the rate of 30%. The unqualified vent size of beer and wine industry is intended to grow taking place to US $ 5 billion by 2015, taking into account a major contribution coming from India alone.

In the current buzzing scenario, India needs to insist an incorporated supply chain which should totaling warehousing, cool chain and transport from farm gates to the food plates for sound backward and adopt integrations.

The public-private partnerships should be allowed and encouraged in the joint infrastructure project sectors, R&D capacity, sharing of pay for advice and international branding, etc. A satisfactory transfer is required in the production system from supply driven towards puff demanding driven production. It will require a collective outfit by all stakeholders which includes R&D organizations, extensions, market players and the approach of view machinery and infrastructure.